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You Are The Bank

High Quality Real Estate Loan Investments

Welcome to the world of high-yield mortgage investing.

Single Family Residential

Home in Queen Ann

Rate of Return: 6.0%
Holding Period: 8 months
ARV: inf%
Minimum Investment: $20,000
Loan Purpose: Refinance

33.0 Percent Funded


We have aligned our interests with you by holding minimum 20% of each thoroughly vetted deal.

Why You Want To Be Involved

Never again will you want to accept the paltry returns available from banks and other lending institutions. Once you understand real estate backed loans, you will realize that high investment returns do not necessarily mean high risk. 

Private lending allows an investor to invest funds in real estate without the risks and headaches associated with flipping and renting.

Being a lender is a lot better than being a landlord.  If you’re the landlord, the onus of the repairs falls on you. Toilet leak? Your problem. Leaky roof? Your problem. Air conditioning unit goes out? Your incredibly expensive problem. This can eat away at your rental income quickly. If you sell the property, serving as a private lender, you still get payments each month, but instead of having to earmark some of the money for repairs, you can put it all in the bank. The buyer has to worry about setting aside funds for repairs, not you. 

Real Estate has long been known as a major source of wealth creation.

Property backed loan is the safest type of real estate investment. It’s senior to the borrower’s equity, providing a cushion that protects the lender’s investment. We set foot on every property and thoroughly scrutinize each deal using proprietary due diligence principles and conservative financial models.