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Why Reach Relocating Families?

Relocating families are an excellent audience to reach. Advertisers come to because we help promote targeted messaging for specific products and services relevant to the relocation process “precisely” when critical decisions are being made.

During what we call the “Relocation Lifecycle,” our advertisers can reach families when the need for their products and services is at its peak.

  • Relocating families seek out professionals who can assist them in their new market.

    More reliant on the input and advice of professionals from the area.  Their lack of familiarity with the area and supporting business community helps make you a vital part of their Relocation Team.

  • Newcomers to the area have no “pre-established” shopping patterns.

    Normally, advertising dollar is spent trying to convert the shopping habits of local consumers. When someone new moves to towns, their shopping patterns have not been set, making them “GREAT” prospects for you.

  • Our audience consist of families that:

    • Are middle to high income
    • 78% Are looking to buy a home
    • Own 2.3 cars per household
    • Eat out 4-5 times per month
    • The avg Renter will spend $3700 on furnishings within 3 months of moving.
    • The avg Home Buyer will spend $9400 on furnishings within 3 months of moving.

  • Our programs put your message in the right place - at the right time!

    We display offers for move-related products and services at a time when relocating families need them. We also select advertising partners whose message and offers align with the needs of our audience. This increases the effectiveness of our advertising initiatives and happiness of our visitor.

Next Step..

Relocating families spend more on repairs, remodeling, furnishings, etc. in the first year after a move, then they will the following ten years combined.  Shouldn't your marketing efforts include this target audience?